Translations and interpreting

Byron Tree Srl offers translating and interpreting services, guaranteeing high quality standards and high levels of professionalism and efficiency, the result of careful recruitment of staff, translators and interpreters.

Our CUSTOMER PORTFOLIO, Our best references

The method used, the accuracy of the service provided and the constant control over processes and results have allowed us to build up a prestigious customer portfolio, consisting of leading companies and institutions, among which, in terms of translations and interpreting, we would mention:
Italian Prime Minister’s Office – Drug Policy Department; Alitalia; Gtech/Lottomatica; ISMEA; MAXXI Foundation; Enel Spa; Leasys Spa; RAI – Radio Televisione Italiana; Milan Bicocca University; Dexia Crediop; Frame by Frame; Italian Tax Agency; Australian Embassy in Rome; Sportlinx; Sbarbaro Legal Studio; Dyke Legal Studio; Studio Moscarini; Centroplan; CUEIM; DIgiwebuno Srl; Intertaba Spa; Stailfab Srl.


Experience, professionalism and specialization

Byron Tree has proven experience in translations and has offered an accurate and professional service for over 20 years, thanks to reliable and competent translators who translate solely into their mother tongue and hold specialist qualifications in various sectors.

This allows identification of the most suitable translator for each type of text requested, ranging from economics and finance to the legal, commercial, scientific, technical, literary, publishing and advertising sectors.

THE TEAM OF TRANSLATORS: Selection and verification

The initial recruitment on the basis of the translator’s curriculum vitae is accompanied by ongoing verification of the texts produced and the experience acquired by the individual translators over time. The texts produced by translators who have recently joined the team are always proof-read, so as to completely eliminate the risk of results which fail to meet the expectations of Byron Tree or of the customer.
The translators involved guarantee high quality standards and place particular attention on idiomatic expressions, cultural differences and the tone of the text, thus avoiding those ambiguities and misunderstandings which can occur in moving from one language to another.

THE STAFF: A single close team

The translators can also count on the support and cooperation of the staff of Byron Tree to solve any problems and this reciprocal trust makes each member of the team confident of the final result.
For us the accuracy and the quality of the translations, keeping to the agreed timeframes, flexibility in accepting requests and the readiness to respond to customer needs are essential elements in the service we offer, as is the guarantee that the texts received will be kept confidential.


Byron Tree frequently provides interpreting services for events, conferences and private or business negotiations. Interpreters, who cannot make use of any reference materials or support, take on a real challenge. Relying only on their own knowledge and experience, they must provide translations in a brief span of time. With the help of specific techniques designed to keep the communication engaging throughout, they must convey often complex concepts and unusual shades of meaning.

The quality of the service we provide is guaranteed by a team of constantly active, highly qualified professional interpreters, all of whom either belong to the AITI (Associazione Italiana Traduttori e Interpreti, or the Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters) or the A.I.I.C. (Association internationale des interpretès de conférence, or International Association of Conference Interpreters) or, alternatively, have considerable professional experience and a relevant cultural background, with specialisations in various fields (business, healthcare, finance, law, etc.).

Estimates of fees for interpreting services are subject to numerous factors (timetables and whether they include breaks, the number of event participants and its exact location), but are determined chiefly by the type of service required.

• Simultaneous interpretation (presupposes the presence of the requisite equipment, an attending audience and the use of multiple languages: it is employed in assemblies, conventions, conferences and seminars)

• Consecutive interpretation (differs from simultaneous interpretation in that it takes more time, but requires no technical assistance or support: speakers pause to let the interpreter perform the translation)

• Negotiations (the interpreter bridges the language gap to allow communication within a relatively small circle of participants: this technique is used in informal situations, in which both parties may interrupt and interact with each other)

• Chuchotage (the interpreter, positioned next to the client, whispers a simultaneous translation in his or her ear, without the need for simultaneous interpretation equipment or other devices).

Upon request, we will supply technical paraphernalia to be used with the equipment, as well as support during the event.

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