Italian for Foreigners

We are PLIDA Center!

Byron Tree is  Official Centre for PLIDA certification which evaluates skills in Italian as a foreign language.

Through our courses of Italian for Foreigners we help spread the love of our language and we give our students the tools they need to understand and appreciate the excellences offered by our country.

Living in the country whose language you want to learn, where the need to express yourself forces you to use Italian, is a great opportunity and enables students to constantly put to practical use what they have learnt in the classroom. This is even more so in a city like Rome which offers significant opportunities to really get to know our culture. That is why Byron offers the possibility of combining regular classroom-based lessons with lessons outside the school, including lunch with the teacher, trips to museums or culturally important places to enable students to fully immerge themselves in our culture.

We can offer group and individual lessons, intensive and full immersion courses as well as specialist courses on Italian culture: “Italian cuisine”, “Italian music”, “Italian cinema” for all language levels. The teachers create a friendly and engaging working environment which respects the rhythms, style and personality of the students.

It is a real immersion in the language, using an innovative approach based on participation, which stimulates motivation, curiosity and the desire to put the skills learnt to the test. The techniques, activities and teaching material used seek to maximise the results achieved in a short time.


We offer group and individual courses, intensive or standard courses, for all levels of Italian, themed courses or specific courses for anyone needing to learn a specialist language sector.

In Byron’s teaching methodology the teacher leads and coordinates correct expression so as to push students to express themselves and communicate spontaneously in Italian.

Teaching combines classroom based work sessions with role-play or “real life” moments in the sense of external activities which help speed up learning by providing more stimulus to communication, thus driving the motivation, curiosity and continuous effort to test out the results achieved. After just a few lessons students will start to communicate in Italian spontaneously and, after managing to understand others and make themselves understood, they will be led by teachers to deepen their knowledge of our culture so that they learn how to act in the various environments they will encounter and to interact with others.

Learning techniques will be used which aim to maximise the results in a short time, proposing activities and teaching materials for students which are interesting and stimulating as they follow the various teaching methods.

During the course there will be time to study linguistic skills, such as listening, reading, oral production and writing, and after a 60-hour course students will be able to successfully complete level 1.

Teachers know how to adapt to the rhythms, style and personality of students by building a friendly and engaging working environment.

Classroom based teaching

Our lessons are based above all on live communication, but also address formal aspects of the language (vocabulary and grammar). There is ample space for activities aimed at encouraging dialogue and discussion on a wide range of subjects: from everyday life to art, from literature to city culture.

The lessons include analysis of grammatical and syntactic structures, the expansion of vocabulary, presentation of the main trends in Italian culture: literature, art, music, cinema, theatre, fashion, and cuisine.

Teaching material

The text books are supplied by the school and are included in the registration fee. In addition to these books, the teachers use other supporting material (newspaper articles, songs, films, etc.) to give students the chance to try their hand at the widest possible range of forms of contemporary communication and improve their communication skills


Intensive course: a group course every day Monday to Friday, from 9 to 12. This course is for anyone who needs to immerge themselves in Italian language and culture: 3 hours’ practice a day split between reading, listening exercises, conversation and fun!

Write us to know the starting dates:


Extensive course: a group course twice a week (it can be Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday), from 9 to 12. This course is for anyone who wants to study at a slower pace leaving time to enjoy the city too: 6 hours’ practice a week split between reading, listening exercises, conversation and fun!

Write us to know the starting dates:


Individual course: an individual class to be managed and organised whenever you want. This course is for anyone who has particular schedules which are not compatible with a group, for whoever prefers studying alone with the teacher, for anyone needing to study specific subjects: you decide when and how to have fun in Italian!

You can register when you want:


Themed courses: a group course (or individual on request) of 25 hours in total, three times a week from 9 to 12 (two lessons are from 10 to 12) for three weeks, on three specific themes of Italian culture: “Italian cuisine”, “Italian music”, “Italian cinema”. This class is for anyone who wants to study Italy while singing, watching films and cooking through contemporary music, cinema and food: are you ready to become a 100% genuine Italian?

Write us to know the starting dates:


Courses for professional purposes: Individual and group courses, tailored to specific programmes which enable the learning of specialist language sectors, for those who wish to work in specific professional or cultural contexts, such as an Italian course for opera singers and Italian cooking courses.

You can register when you want:


Study holiday: A course which includes classroom based lessons and afternoon activities and which is suitable for youngsters who want to be kept busy all day. Are you ready to study and have fun around the city?

You can register when you



Afternoons and evenings, every week:

Besides the courses, Byron School offers a programme of extracurricular activities in the afternoon and evening; as a Byron student you can join the activities and continue to speak Italian outside the classroom in contexts different from lessons with others students like you. The activities include: walks in the historic and popular areas of Rome, aperitifs in bars in Testaccio and Pigneto, cooking lessons both in Italian and in English, sports activities (e.g. biking on the Appia Antica), film showings, evenings at the opera…and so on and so on!

Ask for the Programme of activities by email, or pick it up at school when you arrive. All the activities are accompanied by a teacher; some are free, others include a small participation fee.


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