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“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance”
                                        Derek Bok – ex presidente Harvard

Our training projects help companies and students face change and manage their own international role.

For this reason we have developed language courses, intercultural seminars and tailored programs to increase, enhance and perfect languages and the use of specialist language skills by managerial, technical, legal and administrative staff.

We design stimulating and engaging courses which target tangible results.


Communicative teaching methods and real-life situations: these elements make our courses ideal for those who wish to rapidly learn English or improve their existing English language skills. Each course type is characterised by a carefully designed language programme that includes the integrated study of grammar, functions, vocabulary, pronunciation and fluency, allowing students to make rapid progress.

Teachers constantly seek to create a stimulating and engaging atmosphere for students to work in. They encourage learning by introducing new situations during lessons. These can be made more complex upon request, with the goal of motivating students to develop their language skills. 

The school offers both individual and group courses, according to students’ needs. All the teaching materials used are selected for their suitability and are constantly updated.

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Language knowledge for professional excellence.
The courses we offer include training modules designed to develop students’ skills and nurture professional excellence, as well as custom company packages that foster empowerment and team work.

Through practical simulations such as presentations, negotiations, telephone conversations and role play, the Business Skills modules aim to help students achieve a high degree of autonomy and linguistic competence in specific professional areas.

The school offers both individual and group courses.

  • Business Skills: Presentations, Emailing, Meetings, Telephone Communication and Listening Skills
  • Negotiation: Practising how to say “no”.
  • Professional writing and Report writing
  • Financial English

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Our Legal English courses are designed with a practical approach in mind. We employ effective methodology that allows students to gain specialised knowledge of the language used in the legal sphere, enabling them to use English confidently in the context of international law. Through the use of authentic materials and case studies, these courses develop students’ knowledge of the law and improve their language abilities through integrated grammar study, reading practice, writing, listening and speaking.

These courses are designed for managers and directors working in the legal sector, lawyers, lawyers specialised in commercial law, bar candidates completing their mandatory legal internships, experts in corporate law, and graduates or students in the final year of their university degree courses in Law, Legal Services, Legal Sciences or Economics and Political Science, as well as all those whose professions require the use of legal English.

Our courses receive up to 24 training credits from the Ordine degli Avvocati di Roma (The Bar Association of Rome).

Instructors: Our Legal English instructors have completed a technical workshop entitled, “Teaching the ILEC Exam”, where they have  received training in the teaching of Legal English (12 teachers). Workshop Trainer: Professor Matt Firth – Author of the book Introduction to International Legal English (Cambridge University Press).

We also organise intensive one- and two-day workshops that can be held in company offices and law firms. These focus on specific topics within the sphere of Legal English.

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The opportunity to study Italian while in Italy enables us to propose special projects for language learners, created ad hoc for each of their specific needs. This is even more true in a city such as Rome, which offers remarkable opportunities to gain in-depth knowledge of Italian culture. Byron therefore provides its students the possibility of supplementing regular lessons in the classroom with outdoor lessons. These include lunches with the instructors and outings to museums or other cultural sites, so as to allow students to have a full-immersion experience of Italian culture.

We offer a range of courses, including group and individual, intensive and standard, for every level of Italian. We also offer specific courses for those in need of Italian for specialised purposes. 

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An experience to nurture your knowledge of language and delight your palate, discover the flavours of the national cuisine and the ingredients that make up the language.

A multicultural project that blends language, cuisine and lifestyle.

“Say Eat!” is a journey to discover the secrets of cuisine and language, a cultural exchange in a warm and friendly atmosphere. It is the hands-on experience in the kitchen that teaches participants how to converse, whatever the language level or skill of the students who are doing the cooking. The workshop, a fully immersive four-hour experience, ends with a convivial lunch, where participants and the cooking instructor will sit down together to enjoy the fruits of their labours, while sipping wines produced by the Tenuta i Fauri (

This lively lunch is a satisfying reward for the students, who can savour the tastes of the dishes they have prepared and the natural flow of conversation in the workshop’s language.

The locations where the workshops will be held are an integral part of the “Say Eat!” experience.
Students will find themselves in “real” Italian homes, the authenticity of which is an essential part of each lesson: from the tower on via Tor Millina to the hearts of the Trastevere and Testaccio neighbourhoods, from the social and cultural ferment of Pigneto to the quiet of a country home in Licenza.

Workshops will be held for mini-groups of 4 to maximum 8 participants. The workshop includes:

  • the language and cooking class
  • the top-quality ingredients needed for the recipes
  • lunch at the end of the lesson, which includes wine, coffee/tea and beverages
  • a “Say Eat!” apron
  • recipe cards, each with glossary

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The purpose of “Conversation Meetings” is to help students to develop fluency and confidence in their ability to speak English.

These courses will help students to gain greater proficiency, specifically in terms of mastery of vocabulary, as well as develop their fluency, so as to ensure them an ever greater knowledge of the language. Each student is guaranteed the highest possible level of participation during these group lessons. 

The learning process is encouraged during the course through the use of a wide variety of challenging activities. These include simulations, listening activities and small-group exercises. The teacher guides these activities by asking questions to encourage discussion. Articles and current news stories will also provide topics for conversation and debate.

Each meeting is led by a qualified native-English instructor.

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